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1. Smoke and fumes are leaking into other parts of the building. These are usually the upstairs rooms.


2. Tar and condensate are seeping through the chimney stack walls leaving staining on the inside and out side of the house.


3. The flue is too large for the stove or fire and its not drawing properly leaving smoke billowing into the room.


4. The flue never gets warm enough to draw properly, its often an occurrence when the chimney is built externally on the out side of the house. When a liner is insulated it increases the temperature of the flue gases and in turn improves the draw of the chimney since warm air rises.


5. With previous incorrect flue liner installation tar and condensate leakage may occur.


The advantages of having a stainless flue liner fitted it that they have a continuous smooth chimney surface and with a consistent flue diameter. It maintains the flow and velocity of the flue gases which travel faster, this reduces deposits as the gases spend less time in the chimney and cool less. Flue liners improve the performance of the flue.



Your chimney shall need to be swept prior to insualtion and lining




















Reasons to line and insulate your chimney

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