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Updating your chimney with a class 1 flexible stainless steel flue liner is the most cost effective way of making sure your fireplace installation is safe!




















What size flue liner do I need for my stove?


The recommended minimum sizefor a non Non Defra or Eco design stove is a Class 1 316/316  6 inch flue liner, even if the out let of your stoves flue is 4/5 inchs. If the flue outlet of your stove is any bigger than six inches you shall need a flue liner of an equal width. DEFRA / Eco design stoves can have a minimum 5 inch width flue liner or of an equal width liner to the flue collar because they are clean burning and are less likely to soot up the flue liner.


* The flue shall require chimney sweeping to prior to lining


Flue lining for open fires


Wood Stove Fitters only do flue lining for chimneys used with wood stoves. No open fire flue lining. How ever if you need to have your open fire chimney swept please get in touch


If you want update your open fire going you are going to need a flue liner which has a minimum width of 10 inches diameter. We do see allot existing open fires with 8 inch chimney that work fine. A lot of chimneys won't fit this size so you might want to consider the “Thermocrete method” or opt for a log burner.


* Many people decide to get their chimneys lined whilst the scaffolding is up on another project, with the intention of adding the stove at a later date.


* It costs about the same amount to reline an existing stove installation as it does with a new one. Please see the cost to fit a stove page.


Types of solid fuel stainless steel flue liner


316 / 316 Is used on the majority of installations in this country, designed mainly for wood fuel

and other fuels depending of the flue liner manufacturer specifications.

316 / 904  A hybrid of the two flue liners, installers prefer to use a pure 316 or a pure 904 liner

904 / 904 A multi fuel liner. You can burn to burn coal, smokeless fuels, wood. Please note stainless steel liner aren't very good at burning lots of coal and can rot out easily if used regularly such as on boiler a stoves Aga/ Rayburn ranges. Basically 904 liners are ok for light domestic, occasional use only!


Important Information


We come across countless jobs where the client has tried to reduce costs or thought it convenient for their builder to drop the flue liner down the chimney allowing for connection of the stove at a later date. This seemingly simple task of finishing the roof work is hardly ever done correctly!

Any experienced Oftec/ Hetas or other competent registered installer worth their salt will refuse to finish the job of connecting the stove to the flue liner and issuing a certificate of compliance, leaving the distraught client with an expensive mistake or an installation which could be a potentially lethal ticking time bomb if finished off by other persons, or one which needs to be completely removed and done again.


However we occasionally come across flue liners which have been installed in a workmanlike manner and are safe but simply can't be signed off by a competent registered installer due to current regulations.


Get it done properly!


Its going to cost more for a competent registered fitter to drop the liner than a quote from a builder or other trades person. However the main advantage of getting an installer like Wood Stove Fitters is that it is going to be done professionally and safely. Why put your family at risk for the sake of saving some money !

Wood Stove Fitters quoted for someone who went out and copied the unique materials list from the quote given to them. They got the builder to install it. When passing the property in question at a later date I could see that their money saving exercise had the potential to back fire further down the line with incorrect installation methods. Its also worth noting that a competent registered  installer wouldn’t be able to complete the job of connecting up that stove at a later date as the job of inspecting the chimney work would be inaccessible once the scaffold had been taken down.



Flue lining services infomation page


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