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Cowl Fitting Services - Types of chimney cowl

Wood Stove Fitters are suppliers and installers of most sizes of chimney pots and types of rain cowl.

We can advise you on which rain cowl is most suitable for your chimney and budget.

Our selection of chimney pots and cowls available are listed below along with the photos in sequence of order. Other equivalent cowls are available. Whilst having a cowl fitted it is worth  considering having your chimney swept and any birds nest removed.


1. 30 cm tall roll top chimney pot available in terracotta and buff


2. 45 cm tall roll top chimney pot available in terracotta or buff


3. 60 cm tall roll top chimney pot available in terracotta or buff


4. A decent stainless steel rain cowl. We fit lots of these cowls!


5. The Euro Top top guard is a Stainless steel fit and forget cowl. An excellent robust high end cowl, The mild steel version looks the same, usually does'nt  last along due to rusting out

The high dome makes them great for open fires.


6. The Mini Euro is a stainless steel anti down draught cowl. A robust high end cowl cowl.


These have been designed to reduce or cure problem with smoky fire places. Anti down draught cowls are either static or rotating. Wood Stove Fitters prefer stationary anti down draught cowls over rotating down anti draught cowls because they don't require regular maintenance.


7. A  M.A.D anti down draught cowl suitable for gas fires



8 & 9. Disused/ redundant chimney caps


Designed to minimise heat loss from disused chimneys flues. They provide protection against nesting birds and rain. Whilst still allowing ventilation of the flue.


For a closer look please click on the photos

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