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A by-product of combustion is Creosote. It is produced when gases from wood and coal do not burn completely. It is black shiny and gives off a pungent smell.


Its needs to be removed and it is a common cause of chimney fires, it rots through liners and cause blockages.


Common causes of creosote build up


- Slumbering or running your stove at a low temperature for long periods of time mean fuel is incompletely burned, causing creosote build up

- Over sized chimney flue allow causes condensate and deposit to build up due to flue gases lingering in side chimney

- Burning unseasoned wet wood, treated or unsuitable wood or fuel


How is it done?


The chimney is swept to remove any loose deposit. The flue is heated to create a good draw. Then spraying a chemical activator (Cre-away Pro) up the chimney with a crop dusting hand pump or using a compressor. The convection created by the heater brings the treatment to all the way to the top of the chimney. The client lights atleast four fires which can be from the existing wood stove or open fire. If there is no heat source an industrial gas powered heater is used. It is important to get good heat to make for better results. The heating and cooling cycle / expansion and contraction makes the creosote loose its adhesion to the chimney. After a few day the chimney is swept again.



Please note: The creosote removal service might require 2 treatments and in extreme cases a third visit shall be necessary.


Cresote removal with Cre-Away Pro


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