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The cost to fit a stove

The bread and butter of a stove fitters work is known as a stove and flue liner installation. This consists of a wood burner with a ...

- Stainless steel flexible Class 1 flue liner pulled down through an existing chimney stack

- A chimney pot and rain cowl fitted

- A closure plate that partitions off the chimney and a length of vitreous flue pipe going off the top of the stove. Some times the back of the wood burner.

- Hetas registration certificate, a compliant carbon monoxide alarm and data plate  

(a legal requirement )


When I started out fitting stoves I was surprised on how much it actually cost to fit a one, this is often a lot more than people initially perceive. The purpose of this page is to give you a ball park figure of a stove and flue liner installation based on a popular sized two storey house and using an independent non vat registered Hetas installer. If a company is vat registered the odds are your likely to need to pay more than the list below.


Quality stove and flue liner installation between £950.00 - £1100  ( usually between the  £990.00 mark to just over the 1k mark)


Plus the cost of a decent mid range 5kw stove aprox £500 - 600 +


£ 1550 = An approximate price for a decent mid range stove and a quality hetas registered flue lining job like myself !


The cost of having a fireplace opened up with a new hearth layed with the insides rendered and the chimney stack tidied by plastering the effected area is usually an additional £450 - 600. Plus the cost ot the hearth 0 to £200


Please remember each fire place installation is unique so prices may vary according to how much work needs to be done, materials usage, regional location and many other variants !  


Twin wall flue pipe installations


If you don't have a chimney then your are going to need a prefabricated insulated twin wall flue pipe installation.


An external twin wall  flue pipe installation can be fitted on a two storey bed house from aprox  £1700 - 2100, not including the cost of the stove and other building work like hearths and fire boarding.

If you are handy around the house you might be intersted in making a saving on the intallation by doing some of the work your self such as laying the hearth and tiling etc.